Which is a faster leveling spec for Cataclysm

on the beta, i actually went from about 80-82 or so as prot and was kinda bored, once arms picks up Colossus Smash at 81, the dmg in incredible, I went from 82-85 as Arms PvP with no downtime, only a few instances where pulling too many mobs was a problem because i could burst them down and heal with victory rush.

moral of the story; Arms PvP for leveling is fine, i recommend it

edit; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG4fgf7rhUE
^ example of prot damage in DPS gear, around lvl 82 or so

I assume this was after they fixed Colossus Smash..?
I'm going to be doing Arms almost for sure, with the amount of ganking there will be come cata, i want to have the best chance of surviving ganks and ganking others, as this can eat into leveling time.
Yes the mobs hit hard. It was real damn surprising when I had my first go at it - alarming even. There are a few times I'd get an add or two and really feel like I was in peril.

You could go prot, but honestly if you have even decent arms gear it's probably quicker. Victory rush and Blood Craze go a long way in reducing downtime.
while i think of it, i have heard that leveling from just doing instances is pretty fast. Has anyone in the beta tried running instances as prot from 80-85? seeing how we can get instant queues and all.
I haven't done the beta but you guys make me curious. How is prot better at leveling exactly?

From my point of view, here's the situation: can't block attacks anymore with Shield Block, for survivability we only get 15% more health and some armor from our shield and those laughable 30% blocks. (Good in raids but a joke everywhere else.)

Victory Rush and Enraged Regeneration seem to be what's going to keep prot from having downtimes in solo, but it's shared with all specs so how does that work in prot's advantage? Okay, we get more health out of them thanks to having more stamina, but what, are other specs killing only 15% faster to make it balanced? I hear Colossus Strike is quite good...

And even if blocks were still using block value, I still don't see how prot would have such an advantage in solo since the heal from Victory Rush is so high. Prot would probably be better at soloing elites with good blocks, since Victory Rush is only helpful if you actually kill the mob, but for general solo, Victory Rush is so good that it seems to make prot's defensive tricks obsolete.

Besides, Fury seems more survivable in solo. I'm not sure how good the self heals are, but there's Die by the Sword... If you're going to die in solo, you're pretty assured that the 20% health mark won't be leapfrogged.

Maybe I'm wrong and I missed something, like I said I haven't done the beta, but currently, I have no idea how prot's survivability is so much better. In the end though, I think I'll remain prot since I prefer the defensive and reactive playstyle, but I fail to see how it would be a good choice if I wanted to be "hardcore."
Utilize 2 specs

1. Prot Tanking = instance grinding
2. PVP arms = questing and killing alliance...

This, is looking like the best solution.
PVP Arms+PvP gear for as long as it'll last...
Anticipating so much ganking/world pvp, that hopefully I'll be able to handle my own...

If not, there's always the prot spec to fall back on ;)

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