F9-F12 not functioning on Macbook Pro

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The keys function outside of the game, but they do nothing in game. Even when I go into the keybinds menu and try to bind them to something, the game doesn't recognize the button press at all. This still happens even with all addons disabled.

Edit: I should also mention, I suppose, that these keybinds have worked fine for me for several years until recently, within the past week or two.
patch 4.0.3 change or bug, it no longer supresses system events in full screen mode

you can however work around this by going to system preferences, then keyboard, then enable "use all F1, F2, etc as standard function keys" option. this basically disables apples custom F key functions and lets applications like games use them as they were meant to be, as function keys. you can still access the apple functions with the Fn key held down then pressing the F keys.
I've always had that enabled. F1-F8 still worked fine. I discovered that disabling the expose/spaces binding to the F keys in question fixed the issue, although inconvenient.

Update: Downloading Mac OS software update seems to have fixed the issue.

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