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Moon Guard

-Horde is a bit more successful in PvE. If you're a hardcore, serious raider who's always on top of the progression, the current best guild is Alliance. But, for pugs/casual raiding, Horde is better.

Yeah, top guild may be Alliance, but all the other top guilds behind it are basically Horde.

Yeah, I know. That's what I just said.

Not quite.

The way you worded it made it sound like "Alliance is better for hardcore raiding, Horde for casuals".

Horde-side probably makes up the majority of the hardcore raid guilds.
Basically, both factions have their own hotspots, which may or may not change after the Shattering.

Alliance has Stormwind, with most of the RP happening in the Cathedral district.

Horde has Silvermoon, though some of the RP has shifted to Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff since the invasion started. Brill is also a common spot.
There's a thread floating around that can answer basic questions you have, but ideally both sides are good places to start and it should boil down to what will you have fun playing.

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