Where to quest at L51?

I recently hit L51, and someone recommended that I do AV to level up, but since I'm not that experienced with the instance or its quests, I don't think that's optimal. As a DPSer (feral druid), dungeon queue times can be awfully long. I'm lucky that Arathi Basin is CTA at the moment, but besides that, how can I level up quickly?
When I get to 48 I usually head to Felwood, do the Timbermaw rep grind to neutral and head to Winterspring to get the FP. I keep doing the Timbermaw grind quests and switch to Un-Goro or the Hinterlands or Western Plaguelands when I need a change. I also do the Sunken Temple since I seem to get it a lot in randoms. I know, I know, a LOT of people do Un-Goro at 50 or so but I personally don't much care for it and only do some of the quests, especially the crystal quests to prepare for when I get that questline that takes you from Winterspring to the Eastern Plaguelands and you need Crystal Restore.

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