[H] ICC10 Run 11/27 @ 9

Doing a ICC10 Full clear with 8-9 HMs maybe more. Sign up if interested.
Tank- Chowrunnergo (Druid)
Tank- Pepsisony (Paladin)

Caster- Locknlol (Warlock)
Caster- Blanketz (Mage)
Melee- Shadowmournehoof (Warrior)
Melee- Suriouslah (Rogue)
Caster/Melee- Divariggs (Ret pally)

Healers- Rarr (Druid)
Switchspec Heals-
I would love to fill the caster spot. ks, know all the hms, did most on this toon.
10k single target 10man dps.
Mage plz. 11/12 hm. 17-21k or so in icc.

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