Mt. Hyjal - Archimonde - Death Knights!

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I did an alt run of Hyjal today for rep, and it got me wondering - what happens when (or should I say if?) a death knight gets greased on the Archimonde encounter? Does he get a charge? Which one?
I think he gets the warrior soul charge, but that may have been something I made up.
I was sort of amused I could death grip the gargoyle trash (but not the frost wyrms), I think this requires a bit of testing to see if there's a change!

And as far as I know, there's no DK class call. :(
DK class call has Nef death gripping the entire raid to him. Dunno about Archimonde though.
Yep. And he uses that quote too.

"Death Knights, Get over here!"
That's kind of awesome. I've done a few just for laughs runs through BWL, but maybe I was too drunk to notice. ffffff.

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