<Judgment> Weekend Guild 10/12 HM 25 Man!!!

<Judgment> is a weekend raiding guild on the horde side of the Mal'Ganis realm. It is our goal to progress through end game content as quickly as possible to fit our desired schedules.

Raid times:
We raid Friday/Saturday 8-11 PM. (PST) Because we only raid two days a week, 100% attendance is strongly encouraged. We require at least 90% percent attendance.

Our GMs progression is 11/12 HMS with H LK experience. We our looking to build a guild up to that level within weeks.


All exceptional players.

What you should expect from us?

We have what some would consider a casual schedule at two-three nights a week and three hours a night, but when it comes to raiding, there is nothing casual about us. Our approach to the game is very serious, and we do not like to fool around and waste time.

One of the things that I like about Judgment is our core players' approach to the game. We have talented players who give 100% to the encounters, the guild, and their own personal development. Yet at the same time, we have a fun, laid back atmosphere during raids that may or may not be what you expect.

We're competitive, and we always strive to be the best. Your WWS/WoL reports will be scrutinized. If you don't pot, we'll know. If you don't pop trinkets or cooldowns, we'll figure that out! That being said, we still like to have fun and get things done.

Raider or member, we're here to enjoy the game. We have some early risers and some night owls. Pretty much from the afternoon until late night there's always something happening, be it five mans, ten mans, PvP, or otherwise.

What we expect from you as a raider?

Like minded individuals to us. We take raiding seriously, and as such a lot of our members are theorycrafters and are constantly trying to improve their game. Always working at improving yourself for maximum TPS, DPS, or healing efficiency is just one way that you can always keep working.

We appreciate someone who's serious during raids, but also not too serious about themselves. Someone who can take a joke and can dish a good one.

Attendance Requirement: 90% attendance, preferably as close to 100% as possible. With such a short schedule, it's imperative that raiders be there as often as possible. One thing our officer core hates more than anything is canceling a raid. Even if you're not brought in for every raid, patience with the guild and its officers is something we appreciate.

Don't go AFK without saying you will, don't miss a raid without saying you will. Just tell us, we'll understand. Real life happens - your wife or you yourself may be delivering a baby, someone important in your life has a birthday, an anniversary. We're not going to get angry at your or be hostile given this isn't a common occurrence to the point where it's obviously fabricated. No prior notification (except in the case of emergencies, of course) will not be acceptable in the guild's eyes.

Loot System: We use a silent bidding DKP system. For more info check out the DKP link.

No Drama. Period.: We will have none of it. If there's previous guild drama that we catch wind of either through interview or speaking with previous guild leaders, it is at the discretion of the officers to deny your application immediately or to end your recruitment process.

Visit http://judgementmalganis.guildlaunch.com for more info or to apply.
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