The Grand Tournament: It's that time again!

Moon Guard
The chill of the air in Icecrown nipped at the horses flanks, its breath coming out in a hazy fog. Its rider, a tall knight in full plate armour bore a shield upon his left arm. The crest a silver fist clutching a golden hammer on a white field with a cream border. His left hand also gripped the reins, the leather feeling warm and familiar in his hand. His right hand held his tall lance, an eleven foot pole of ash wood, tipped with a coronal to blunt the force. After all he wasn’t aiming to kill his opponent who awaited him down the lists. The chief monitor called the ready, the knight signals with his lance, and then the charge! The knight spurs his steed onward, the horse jumps forward on its hind legs pushing toward the foe before coming onto all fours and surging ahead. A tidal wave of plate and horseflesh, the knights’ eyes narrow to focus on his opponents shield, that one dot in the centre. His lance connects in that fatal spot just below the central boss and lifts his opponent clear into the air sending him to the dirt in a clatter of steel.
After dismounting the knight walks over to his fallen opponent giving him a hand up and a firm handshake followed by a, “Well rode.” And leaves the ring. This is the noble sport of jousting where knights display their prowess and sportsmanship, will you be the next champion?

Yes it is that time again, the <Knights of the Hand> are once more hosting a grand tourny. This is your last chance to secure an invitation to the Grand Championships to be held sometime after Christmas.

When: Starts at 5pm server time Saturday December 4th.
How to sign up: Either do an IC response here, or Send me an IC letter in-game.

We will have a few level one alts patrolling Stormwind and Ironforge in our colours advertising (Relax we won't be spamming /yell macros) handing out GHI flyers and such. The flyers will say this:

Come one come all to the Grand Tournament. See if your arm is strong enough to tilt against the best this world has to offer. All competitors are expected to have entered their names on the rolls at least two days prior to the event. This is your last chance to secure an invitation to compete at the Grand Championships to be held in the next month.

The Joust will start at 5 hours after noon on the 4th day of December. This will be followed half an hour later by a grand feast and ball. All are encouraged to attend the feast.

To enter please contact the host,
Lord Derron Forrgrim, Grandmaster of the Knights of the Hand, The Oathkeeper, Scourgebane and Undefeated Tournament Champion.
((Small print)) All Knights must supply their own mount and armour, as well as a Herald.

Okay I think that's everything, hope to see you soon.

Note: This is an RP event not a PvP event. There is no PvP aspect to it.
Bump, keep sending those applications folks I'm loving it!

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