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What is the least played class currently?
What is the least played class currently?

According to Warcraftrealms.com, it's a tie between Rogue and Shaman, but at level 80, it is most definitely Rogue. At level 80, Warlocks fall behind Shamans as well.
You'll see very few female dwarf rogues.
There used to be a nice addon called Census that would do a /who of everyone online on your server. You'd have to run it multiple times accross several days or more to get accurate readings but it will show you a good average of your server's population separated by race/class/level.
Shaman it would seem. But rogues and warlocks are down there as well.
What is the least played class currently?
it generally changes over time as blizzard balanced classes. Shaman were great and many loved enhancement shaman, but currently they are fairly weak as far as dps goes. Those that like like their melee dps class probably went to another class and are hoping shaman are fixed.

Currently, paladins are an easy class to tank, dps and heal with so they are popular. A lot of paladins were rolled at the beginning of wraith where they could essentially bubble run in and destroy whole groups of opponents in PVP - thank god that got fixed.

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