Spirit > Crit?

So I've decided to tackle my main spec (Holy) again, after spending all the time since the patch on my off-spec (Ret).

So far, I really love it, and think maybe I shouldn't have waited so long to get back in to it.

But, I'm having a bit of trouble determining our stat priority. EJ mentioned what the good ones were, but didn't really place them in any hierarchy that I could find.

I am about to make my final honor purchases prior to Cata, and my shield options have Spirit or Crit. Spirit seems to play a more important role for us now than it has in the past, and seems like it could be good to have, but does it beat out Crit nowdays, or is Crit still preferred?

Is one preferred in dps and the other in healing, or is one or the other preferred in both situations and superior overall?
Right now, spirit is important for mana regeneration. Crit has a minimal role for protection right now, mostly for Conviction and Infusion of Light.

You don't need a lot of crit for Conviction to be up constantly, since each heal gives you multiple chances at a proc (via Protector of the Innocent for single target heals and Light of Dawn natively), and Infusion of Light is not a particularly critical talent right now. Other than that, crits currently largely result in more overhealing, since HoTs and smart heals will keep people topped up.

As a result, crit tends to be reforged into haste or spirit.

Things will likely be different at level 85, of course.
It seems like the stat weightings for Holy will be as follows in cata:

Int > Spirit > Haste/Mastery > Crit

According to the build that is coming this tuesday, Mastery is apparently getting a buff (the absorb lasts 8 seconds instead of 6, 33% longer, and every point of mastery provides 1.25% additional absorbs instead of 1%, starting at a base value of 10%). This leads me to believe that it will be beneficial to have somewhat of a balance between haste and mastery since the faster you heal, the more absorbs you put out. Intellect is still #1 though, I don't think anyone would argue otherwise.
Thanks much for the replies.

Helps greatly.

Also, P.S. This is my main, the Paladin in question. I'm always open to constructive criticism regarding builds, gear and the like, so thanks for the input.
You're in PvP gear :P You're also missing glyphs.

Anyways, I recommend the following PvE raid spec

The stat priority right now is:
Int>Spirit>Haste --- much lower on the priority ---> Crit/Mastery.

I break it down here:

Do however, try to maintain ~30% raid buffed crit to keep conviction rolling. If you're going OOM, or your heals are uncomfortable slow, you need to buff those appropriate stats first, before getting 30% crit. Mastery has only been heuristically shown to be bad since we don't have it showing up in World of Logs yet.
Hehe, yes, PvP gear indeed, but in my defense, I had plenty of honor to spend, and not much by way of badges (now JP of course), not to mention the belt and chest were drops from a VoA 25 run. Not having much time to raid, this is the best gear I currently have.

As for the glyphs, to be honest, I've been kind of ignoring them for a minute while I get some of the basics in firmer grasp, which will help decide me which glyphs to use in turn (not to mention what to reforge... O.o).

That stat breakdown and priority list is superb, thanks.

And thanks for the crit tips, your info is the most solid and current I've been able to track down lately. 8)
You only need to buy glyphs once and you can swap them in and out with vanishing powder, which costs 5 silver :P

This will change once you hit lvl 81, so play with your glyphs now while you still can for cheap.

No reason not to get glyphed.
I pick crusade because my FoL and DL already overheal. My shock feels too weak w/o Crusade. If your experiences don't match mine, it's perfectly fine to take divinity instead.
Are you taking into account the free spell haste you get after casting Holy Shock? Not to mention that Infusion of Light procs are being changed in the next patch to also affect Divine Light as well.
Sorry Jantilla, are you talking to me or Altruistic?

The ToR rotation doesn't change if you have Crusade or Divinity.

From a raw HPS stand point of view, Divinity should produce more healing than Crusade. I haven't done the math, but I remember a post showing this.

The reason I picked Crusade over Divinity was overheal. My own logs show me getting considerable overheal w/ Flash of Light and Divine Light, consequently I don't need 6% more throughput with those spells. This is a function of my own playstyle. So if your playstyle doesn't have the same overheal with FoL and DL, then Divinity is a good choice.

I'm also hesitant to work on the math for incoming patches, since things change so much. I prefer to let them hit live then update my analysis. Cataclysm is going to completely destroy the validity of my work :'(

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