So, where is the Goblin UD DK Skins?

Death Knight
Topic Title, I have not seen them show up anywhere on the web. It's like 2 weeks until Cata. Surely they are done, right?

found em
I would actually love for these to be the real skins, and I am assuming that they are. However, they don't have the blue eyes. That's strange to me.
the video on youtube is fake btw ... just logged on beta to take some screens. All 3 of each gender with the "medium" skin color (theres one that is more white .. and one that is more dark, 3 total)

Put in the green one for comparison. There are 3 DK faces available, pictured, which are very similar. Once you pick from the face, you can pick the skin color, pictured at the end.
Thank you for the pictures, guys. I am not really seeing a difference between Faces/skin tones. haha. Regardless, I'll be happy with my goblin DK.

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