Ret PvP -- Divine Storm

I know Prot is better, but I think Ret is pretty fun at the moment, and I generally think that tank specs should not do viable damage in PvP, but that's for another thread.

Divine Storm...even with the changes, I feel like I'm going to leave it off my bars for PvP. Am I overlooking something?
No, AoE ability is an AoE ability. Just because we have it doesn't mean it must get used.

All the QQ is kinda like...Hunters complaining Volley isn't in their rotation (if they still had it).

And as far as prot goes, it's nerfed to where it's not an unstoppable killing machine anymore, they lost the block value, healing spam ability, and some damage.

Don't just leave it off ur bars, just don't spec into it.
I'm binding it for shift + (since my crusader strike is bound to 1 key), for those cases that we need to AoE instead of single target.

I had every skill bound to something in my keyboard,if the need arises.And trust me,it arises,even if very very eventually (those eventuals might save you some arena ratings :P)

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