Rogue vs Holy

So I'm screwin off in trade like I usually do and some random undergeared warrior starts talking smack about my guild name, (non) arena ratings, etc etc so I challenge him to a duel on the toon that i actually halfway did arena with, my holy paladin thinking it'll be an easy kill for lols. We go outside and he says brb and hops on this welfare geared belf rogue. I'm thinking, ok np, rogues weren't hard prepatch, no problem.

I haven't fought a holy paladin on my rogue so i didn't know how they were since the patch. I have him down to about half health and he restealths and resets. He sticks me with vendetta then opens with what looked like garotte, mut, kidney shot, mut mut, belf silence, and envenom.

Completely tears me up. I'm thinking, what the hell? This never happened before... I trinketed at about 1/2 health to try to pop a heal but he stunned me and then silenced be before I could do anything.

Did I miss something? A rogue can kill a holy paladin now?
Relentless with wrathful off pieces. I was tough as hell prepatch. Maybe its the loss of sacred shield or the changes to resilliance, idk.
Unless something was changed you can pop off a light of dawn for a quick heal while stunned. If specced right that can be a sizable heal.
things should be a bit better with the intended cata health pools
I'm wondering if I should make the switch to belf for that silence... thats what really did me in.

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