Need Pro prot advice

Raided end game as a resto shaman, now will be doing it on my paladin for cata, as prot. need some prot pally tanks to give me advice on how i have itemized, and let me know if im on the right track or if i should be doing anything different
you're on the right track.
your def on the right track... although i would put your Stalwart Ametrine in your helm to pick up the 12 stam socket bonus because relics do not have socket bonuses for matching their color until the cata relics come out
As for talents, pick up seals of the pure. This will help your threat generation. Drop protector of the innocent to pick this up, as well as max out Crusade.
For glyphs, drop judgement for Seal of truth. 10 expertise (not rating, but expertise) is damn nice. And drop word of glory for shield of the righteous.
Other than that, pretty much what Atty said.
You were lookin at the spec i used for soling lvl 70 raids, thats why i had all the slef healing talents, if you look at my actual tanking spec its the spec you mentioned
I personaly would drop improved judgement for hallowed ground but thats just me it depends on what you are doing
You're on the right track spec wise. Although since we'll soon be leveling I would take the 2 points out of Seals of the Pure and put them into Eternal Glory.

The reason for this is that you already have the top three Threat Talents,
Wrath of the Lightbringer, Sacred Duty, and Reckoning. Putting points in Eternal Glory gives you a good chance of using Word of Glory for an emergency heal and then being able to use Shield of the Righteous right afterwards for extra threat. and extra damage on mobs while leveling.

Also you want a slower weapon now. the talent and ability changes make it so that a slower weapon with a higher damage amount per swing give you more threat. In cataclysm the tank weapons that drop will be slower than the ones found all throughout WotLK for the most part.

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