[H] -Intent- Recruiting (9/16 Heroic)

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Progression updated
I am interested in joining. Right now just lloking for a mainly pure raiding guild and i am a heals so will be needed. Currenty working my way to 85 through archeology and dungeons but if you consider me a candidate please contact me ingame.
Please fill out an app on the website.

Also, progression updated....woot!!!!
Vell we dont contact people in game to join our guild... especially someone whos only 82 assuming thats your main. Fill out an app just like everyone else. Thanks.
bump need of a tank!
bump again still need tank apps
Recruiting needs updated..
One, its Sippin Haterade Two it wasn't meant to be funny nor creative Three, Try again and troll harder next time please.

Still recruiting!
progression and recruitment updated.....
bump its updated zomg read it app it do it!
Need more cows.
Sigh still here
Recruitment updated
update progression in the title cheez let em know were 8/12
progression updated...

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