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Wyrmrest Accord
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Here's news: Around 60-70% of people new to the game quit before ever reaching level 10. Now, I can almost hear the swaggering machismo dripping off of some of you who are snarling about how they're "not hard enough" and "babies". That's largely because you can't (selectively) remember the first time you tried doing something you'd never done before. Including this.

If you don't already have friends, or know how everything works, starting out brand new anywhere blows.

So, odds are they're already inclined to throw up their hands and go play LEGO Universe™ rather than log into Wyrmrest Accord. What's going to tip the balance for them? Some kid's desperate bid for attention on a naked warrior, dancing in their face while they're taken for a journey with his first soiree into unsupervised [general] chat with all the new words he's been dying to try out?

...or maybe their first impression should be someone less sweaty-loincloth related.

If not being "that guy" is strangely appealing, and you find yourself with any free time at all and enough patience to not strangle someone who needs to be told where the "autorun" key is, maybe you're cut out to help <The Watch>.

What we do is make sure that the truly new are equipped - figuratively and literally - to survive after they leave the womb of the protected starting areas. It's a good life...if you don't weaken.

Of course that's not for everyone and there are other ways to help if you feel you might snap someone's neck after explaining which end of a sword to hold for the eleventeenth time. We're always in need of white or better items of level 7 or below for us to distribute. (Items bigger than that will be returned at this time, as our overflow space is limited.)

If you have anything lying around that's white or better of level 7 or below that would make the life of someone new to WoW or Wyrmrest Accord easier, feel free to send it along to either Soulsinger or Ziji, who'll make sure it gets where it needs to go.

Of course, if you want to be on the sometimes-when-I'm-not-busy flinging bags &c. at new folks end of things, it's not like we often say 'no'. Contact Soulsinger either in-person or via in-game mail for details, or if you can't find the lazy bastard, send mail to and we'll respond in a timely fashion.
Maybe I am wrong, but the name Soulsinger rings a bell and I remember a Guild with the same name as "The Watch" doing this commendable job in other realms where I was (perhaps Kirin Tor and/or Moon Guard, not sure), then leaving because of the lack of support of their good deeds by the community. Is this the same people? I hope the player base of Wyrmrest Accord will show their mettle and don't allow Soulsinger plea going to deaf ears. Thanks Soulsinger for doing this. Azeroth is a better place because of you!
this is interesting, ill be in touch with you soon (tm)
Soulsinger has done this before on other RP servers, yes. :)

Always a great idea, I'll keep you guys in mind for any spare/extra items I get while levelling new alts under the Shattering changes.
Moonbladé wonders...
Maybe I am wrong, but the name Soulsinger rings a bell and I remember a Guild with the same name as "The Watch" doing this commendable job in other realms where I was (perhaps Kirin Tor and/or Moon Guard, not sure), then leaving because of the lack of support of their good deeds by the community. Is this the same people?

Yes, same people. We actually still operate on Wyrmrest Accord and Kirin Tor. The Moon Guard chapter is "slept" due to a shortage of volunteers on our end; Post-Cataclysm we'll be split too thin to do three servers but might manage two. There was a run-off and MG lost.

It wasn't that close.

Things have been a little sporadic the last few months because of two things.

First, I played for years on a PPC-based Powerbook G4. As of patch 4.01, that's no longer possible. So I wasn't around. I've got *a* way to get on for the moment, but it's unreliable. And patch 4.03 will likely axe me again.

(By the way, here's a fun-ish way to pass a week. Try shoehorning WoW onto an aging Dell Inspiron laptop with a 70Gb hard drive. It's a social distinction of sorts. I don't recommend it.)

Second, we hemmorage volunteers with every expansion. So our manpower drops in a fairly predictable fashion every time. At this point, I'm the one sweeping the porch and making the tea.

Milyna writes...
this is interesting, ill be in touch with you soon (tm)

I'll be hanging about until I run out of disk space. :) 5Gb left~!
I can also be reached at the corporate address ( if I turn out to be too ninja-like.
Milyna probably wont join, but I've got an alt or two I'm going to be working on. I'm all too glad to spend time answering questions while doing so.
Feel free; membership is a very "if and when" thing - you put in what you can so long as it doesn't interfere with other fun stuff. There's no minimum amount of time unless you decide you want to run an entire precinct or something. explains specifically what a volunteer in the Watch who has public contact does - and doesn't do.

When I get back from vacation (on my 10th wedding anniversary holiday just now to the place where Chocolate comes from!) I'll send your main the link to the Watch's online application.
And 80-90% of stats are made up.
Back from the land of chocolate, link's sent to your main. =)
Reported for a sticky because come on, what good will The Watch do if no one knows about them?

Well, here we are coming up on another holiday season, about to be knee-deep in kids who have just this second discovered swearing, internet porn, and their mom's credit card number all at the same time.

Strap in.

However! For every Kileyface, Martinluther, Sxandcandi, or Skillinbows, there's a few guys and girls who're actually here to play the game that came in the box - believe it or not! - and are just starting out.

Remember doing that? The very first time, when you didn't know anybody? Didn't it blow?

So Wyrmrest Accord has <The Watch>. An altruistic service organization whose sole purpose is to catch people who are new to World of Warcraft (or the server proper and cut off from any resources) and make sure they have a fair start in terms of equipment and sound advice.

Or at the very least, that they don't wander off into certain death in the first eleven seconds.

You think they can't? Do our jobs for a while. People can surprise you.

The entire thing turns on community support and volunteer manpower. If you'd like to contribute to our ability to strap bags and snappy shirts onto the ones who actually need them, donations of supply or of appropriate equipment that is white or better for levels 7 and below can be sent to any of our members, and will be sent to the donation bin where it can find a good home.

Of course, not everyone is mentally suited to be a copper. But if YOU think you are, and you have the time and inclination to help the helpless, see Soulsinger, or send mail to for details on membership.

Oh, okay. The short, short version: You take an alternate you're not using for anything else and it becomes a member of <The Watch>, which you use on a casual basis (read: Whenever ICC gets boring) to carry out aid functions in a particular precinct you choose; most people choose an area they're most comfortable in or familiar with. This is done for reasons of identity (so it's very clear we're not recruiting for our "real" guilds while we're in the starting areas, plus nobody can pretend to be a volunteer to defraud new kids, which happened early on) and for access to Watch resources and programs.

For more information, or just to see bad HTML:
Hi! Yes, we still exist. We're just in a tizzy.'s somewhere between verklempt and befuddled, okay?

Anyway, links are all above, any questions, I'm not a hard man to find. Enjoy the snow and whatnot, and try not to die in the new lava pits<scribblescribblescribble> exciting fire-based landscape features!

Mkvenner wonders...
Wait, since when has it been against the TOS to call out a ninja?

It's not, but it makes a certain kind of person* squeamish.

*Activision refers to this segment as the "target demographic for growth opportunities". My people have shortened it to "chavs."
If it's something you'd have used when you were level 5, toss it by. We can find a home for it, almost always.
All year the (few) volunteers of the Watch spend our free time helping out players who are new, lost, confused, hopeless, helpless, or often, all of the above. Here in the season of giving, we like to showcase ways in which you can - with minimal effort mind you! - do the same thing but for real people who are really in need.

If you'd like to make some kid's Christmas brighter, The Watch recommends the following really nice people:

Toys for Tots -
Because, uh, tots need toys too. And who doesn't want to make someone who doesn't have much smile a little more on Christmas?

Child's Play -
The Gamer's Charity! Since they were formed, they've sent over seven million dollars in donations of toys, games, books and cash for sick kids in children’s hospitals across North America and the world.

Don't be afraid to do some good for someone else who can't repay you this Christmas, even if it's only a little.

Don't worry. We promise we won't tell anyone. ;)
I read your website material and I was extremely disappointed by the mention of a blacklist.

ohwell. best of luck to you, but I can't abide that.
Remember how much life sucked pre-level Awesome?


Yeah, probably not.

Well, it does. Especially if you just installed the game and your first chance meeting when you rock up on Wyrmrest Accord is someone named something like "Sykokilla" in a loincloth attempting to hump your face and asking if you want to "join mi gild".

His guild is inevitably named "Paragons of Pure Virtue."

This isn't a nightmare scenario, this is actually happening. Right now.

Okay, mostly in Northshire and Brill. But still.

<The Watch> is a group of - let's face it, not-well-adjusted-people - who volunteer time on unused alternates to keep an eye on the starting areas and make sure that folks who're new to World of Warcraft or the server proper aren't totally lost, and might have enough bag slots to get themselves going. And, you know, mitigate that whole dancing loincloth guy.

Yes, I realize that's who the game is marketed to now. I reject your reality and substitute it with my own.

If this sounds strange enough to be fun while you're not begin eaten by squid<delete delete> rescuing drowned sailors, being killed by air elementals <delete delete> touring fantastic floating cities, or being eaten by dragons...actually, yeah, dragons...then contact Soulsinger, either via in-game mail or at the organizational mail address, Operators may check that semi-occasionally.

Of course, Cataclysm is fun (insofar as the very landscape being out to kill you can be fun), so if you just feel like flinging linen or silk cloth, or any white or better items you might have wanted when you were small of level 7 or below to any of our agents, we'll find good homes for them, or transform them into the stupid number of bags we run through.

Thank you, happy new year, and good luck not being eaten!

We still exist! Although we've got to say, January has been almost exclusively guild re-rolls or people suddenly making mage alts.

Can't. Imagine. Why.

Anyway! If you've realized Hyjal is rubbish, and your guild doesn't have Deathwing on farm status yet, and there's nothing good on the Food Network, you're always welcome to hang out in your favorite starting area and try to set folks new to WOW or the server on a path to self-sufficiency and not being dead a lot.

The secret ingredient is not headbutting the red monster.

Crazy enough to be the first person on a newbie's friends list? Contact Soulsinger by in-game mail, or at for information.

We also take donations items that are white quality or better and of level 7 and below only. If you want to send along something you wish YOUR character had just starting out, we'd be happy to find homes for them. We're also short on silk this quarter so...not gonna say no to that - Small Silk Pack eats that up like you wouldn't believe.

Donations can be sent to any agent.

Thanks, and have a fun week!
I like this idea. You should encourage your members to also stand around in decorative armor.

I was drawn to the game after looking at all the various knights walking around and realizing "Oh wow, I could be THAT guy"

By pretty much just being AFK, You can get people interested in the game by showing them what they can be.

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