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Emerald Dream
Since Dalaran portals are leaving next patch and many of us have absolutely no reason to be in Dalaran (or even Northrend) right now, where are you setting up your new hearth?

I always liked the look of Undercity but New Orgrimmar looks pretty cool as well.

Wish ravenholdt manor had an inn.
The Alliance
The Alliance

The whole bloody thing?!?
Ironforge, the master city.
About damn time. No more of this sanctuary city BS.

Also, Lagforge.
Stormwind, nothing changed there.

Probably on my alliance toons as well.
lol Rasek. Been there done that.
Org most likely. I love the new "Valley of Spirits".
Orgrimmar. Definitely; We finally have a decent bar!
If only Sen'jin would become amazingly popular....

<Prepares banners about kinky troll 'Saloons'>


I'm excited for the change, but I will miss seeing both factions running around in Dalaran.
let me think...

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