Vs Feral Druid

So I have alot of problems with feral druids. I've been fighting one in particular that I struggle in duels with all the time.

When the duel starts off I PoM and shield myself and maybe do a couple of holy novas (which I rarely catch him with) then go into shadow form. When he attacks I get pounced and then the normal manner of druid attacks heavy in bleeds, and that sort. I get up a few DoTs and usually use storm form about that time. I will usually fear and go for VT and PoM again (but hes really good about not staying feared for very long), shield, renew and then back to shadowform. By this time Im usually hurting pretty bad. So I will Psychic Terror get up a DP and some heals. When I get to 10-15k i pop dispersion. I try to get a few heals off and make sure I keep pressure on with dots. I usually lose the duel to this guy and he has about 12k left.

I need some tips or some help. Not sure when to disperse because his bleeds hit for so god damned much. But any tips someone has for feral druids would be alot of help.
I like kitting melee dps around and spamming DP as I hop around. Keep dots up as a norm, shield and as many CCs as possible. (excluding MC)
A good feral druid is literally nearly impossible to defeat post-patch. They're too strong.

It's certainly possible, but if the skill is equal, it's unlikely you'll win.
I notice you're a dwarf, you can use stoneform to remove bleeds. Just make sure you wait until you have Rip and Rake on you at the same time, as that's when you'll get the most use out of it. Also, most feral druids are stacking mastery right now which makes their bleeds ridiculous. This is just something you'll have to deal with until Cataclysm releases, although even then ferals are much better than they used to be.

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