Feral Cat (Naga) Set Up.

UI and Macro
My set up is pretty in depth, been working on it for the past 3-4 years that I have played a Feral and buying the Naga (Soon to be a Naga Epic, my post-deployment Christmas Present) this year has really improved my gameplay like none other, even though I haven't entered ICC at all without 500+ latency. Trying to lead a new 10 man heroic raiding guild while on a deployment sucks. Anyways onto my Set-Up.

I have 2 UI Screenshots and a Keybinding Diagram:



Non Combat - w/ Party & Raid Frames WiM & Bagnon



Combat - w/ Party & Raid Frames, MSBT, WiM.

Now for Keybindings ^_^


Main Bar:

1 = [Rake]; {Stealth} [Pounce]

2 = [Rip]; {Stealth} [Swipe]

3 = [Shred]; {Stealth} [Ravage]

4 = [Mangle]; {Stealth} [Prowl] (Break Stealth)

5 = [Ferocious Bite]

6 = [TF/Berserk Macro]

7 = [Maim]

8 = [Skull Bash]

9 = [StopAttack Macro]

0 = [Cower]

- = [Swipe]

Middle Bar:

1 = [Lifebloom]

2 = [Nourish Macro]

3 = [Tranquility]

4 = [Rejuv Macro]

0 = [Barkskin]

- = [Nature's Grasp]

Top Bar:

1 = [Remove Corruption]

2 = [Mark of the Wild]

3 = [Thorns]

5 = [Cyclone Macro]

6 = [Entangling Roots]

0 = [PVP Trinket]

- = [Shadowmeld Macro]

Naga Bar:

1 = [Travel Macro]

2 = [Bear Form Macro]

3 = [Cat Form Macro]

4 = [Dash Macro]

5 = [Feral Charge Macro]

6 = [Faerie Fire Macro]

7 = [Savage Roar Macro]

8 = [TF/Berserk Macro]

9 = [FB Macro]

0 = [Resurrection Macro]

- = [Innervate Macro]

+ = [Panic Macro]

Other Keybindings:

F = Focus/Unfocus Target

T = Interact w/ Target

G = Target Last Hostile


Travel Macro;

/use [noflyable, nomounted] Mekgineer's Chopper; [mod:ctrl] Traveler's Tundra Mammoth

/cast [swimming] Aquatic Form;[outdoors,noflyable] Travel Form;[outdoors,nocombat,flyable]

~*~ Swift Flight Form

Mountable Area and Not Moving = Ground Mount.

Mountable Area and Not Moving w/ CTRL MOD = Vendor Mount

Swimming = Aquatic Form

Outdoors Area + Moving = Travel Form (Does not work in Outlands/Northrend, but you shouldn't need it)

Flyable Area + Moving = Swift Flight Form

Bear Form Macro:


/cast !Bear Form

/equip Shaft of Glacial Ice

~*~ Equips Stamina Weapon and Shifts into Bear Form, will continue to shift into Bear form, useful to spam for Furor Talent

Cat Form Macro:

#showtooltip Cat Form

/cast [noform:3] !Cat Form; [form, nocombat] Prowl; [combat] Savage Roar

/equip Distant Land

~*~ Equips DPS Weapon and Shifts into Cat Form; Will Cast Prowl if not in combat and disable Prowl if used again; Will Cast Savage Roar if in combat.

Feral Charge Macro:


/castsequence [stance:1, target=mouseover,exists,harm,nodead] [stance:1,target=target] Feral Charge(Bear Form); [stance:3, target=mouseover,exists,harm,nodead] [stance:3,target=target] reset=10 Feral Charge(Cat Form), Ravage; Barkskin

~*~ Casts Feral Charge and Ravage in Sequence in Cat Form, Resets to Feral Charge after 10 secs; Feral Charge in Bear Form; and Barkskin in {Other Forms}

Faerie Fire Macro:


/cast [stance:1/3] Faerie Fire (Feral)(); [stance:0/2/4/5] Faerie Fire

~*~ Casts Faerie Fire (Feral) in Cat and Bear Form; Faerie Fire in {Other Forms}

TF/Berserk Macro:


/castsequence [stance:1] Berserk(Cat or Bear Form; [stance:3] reset=30 Tiger's Fury(Cat Form), Berserk(Cat or Bear Form; [stance:0/2/4/5] Entangling Roots

~*~ Casts Tiger's Fury and Berserk in Sequence in Cat Form, Resets to Tiger's Fury after 30 secs; Berserk in Bear Form; and Entangling Roots in {Other Forms}

FB Macro:


/cast [stance:1] Growl; [stance:3] Ferocious Bite; [stance:0/2/4/5] Mark of the Wild

~*~ Will Use Ferocious Bite in Cat Form; Growl in Bear Form; and Mark of the Wild in {Other Forms}

Resurrection Macro:


/stopmacro [nohelp,nodead]

/run c="Resurrecting %t"if UnitInRaid("player")then SendChatMessage(c, "RAID")elseif GetNumPartyMembers()>0 then SendChatMessage(c, "PARTY")end

/cast [combat] Rebirth ; Revive

~*~ Casts Rebirth in Combat, and Revive out of Combat on Target or Mouseover; Announces to Raid/Party with "Resurrecting 'Target'"

Innervate Macro:


/cast [target=mouseover,help,nodead][help][target=player] Innervate

/run c="Innervating %t"if UnitInRaid("player")then SendChatMessage(c, "RAID")elseif GetNumPartyMembers()>0 then SendChatMessage(c, "PARTY")end

~*~ Casts Innervate on Friendly Target, Mouseover, or Self; Announces to Raid/Party with "Innervating 'Target'"

Panic Macro:

#showtooltip Survival Instincts

/cast Survival Instincts

/cast Barkskin

/use Runic Healing Potion

/use Fel Healthstone

/use Corroded Skeleton Key

~*~ Uses all Panic CDs available to use, Enrage and Frenzied Regeneration not in Macro.

Change Spec:

/run if( GetActiveTalentGroup() == 1 ) then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Activating Secondary Spec...");SetActiveTalentGroup(2) else DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Activating Primary Spec...");SetActiveTalentGroup(1) end

~*~ Changes Spec and Announces into your personal Chat Frame that you are “Activating ‘Primary/Secondary’ Spec…”

StopAttack Macro:


~*~ Very useful for fights like Sindragosa where you need to immediately stop attacking.

Cyclone Macro:

#showtooltip Cyclone

/cast [target=mouseover,harm][harm] Cyclone

~*~ Will Cast Cyclone on Enemy Target, Mouseover target.

Rejuv Macro:

#showtooltip Rejuvenation

/equip Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff

/cast Rejuvenation

~*~ Equips Healing Weapon and casts Rejuvenation

Nourish Macro:

#showtooltip Nourish

/equip Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff

/cast Nourish

~*~ Equips Healing Weapon and casts Nourish

Talent Spec is:



Prime: Rip. Shred, Savage Roar

Major: Entangling Roots, Faerie Fire, Feral Charge

Minor: Unburdened Rebirth, Dash, Aquatic Form


Gems: Relentless Earthsiege Diamonds; 3 Delicate Dragon's Eye; 22 Delicate Cardinal Rubies; 1 Nightmare Tear.

Reforged: First - 20 (155) Expertise, Second - 7.09% (218) Hit, Third - 17.04 (415) Mastery {52% Bleed Damage}

Stats: (Cat Form w/ MotW)

Strength: 110

Agility: 2575

Stamina: 2491

Intellect: 181

Spirit: 179

Damage: 820-952

DPS: 996.7

Attack Power: 7845

Speed: 0.89

Haste: 12.53% {411} (Sacrificed for Mastery)

Hit Chance: 7.09% {218}

Crit Chance: 70.01% {1266} (Sacrificed for Mastery)

Expertise: 20 {155}

Mastery: 17.04 {415} (53% Bleed Damage)
I am glad you're happy with that setup, but it's definitely not a UI that I would ever use. It is much too large and takes up almost everything. There's too much goin on there. It's also not the prettiest I've seen. My UI isn't minimalist but still takes up only the bottom 5th of the screen without the party/raid frames. Don't get me wrong though. If it makes you happy and you like it, that's what matters.
It works well for me.
That UI hurts my eyes.
It works well for me.

Like I said, I'm glad it does... but for the most part, people are not going to praise you for that kind of UI. The most popular User Interfaces are ones that are very clean. Not minimalistic per se, just a good, useful, clean interface.

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