The Horde:the outcasts of Azeroth

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Since the beginning of warcraft,the horde has been looked down upon by both certain players(mainly alliance)and most of the inhabitats in the game's world.This is not some random thread about how awsome the horde is,I just want to hear the opinions of the players toward the horde as a whole and wat u truly think of them(that includes u allys as well).One more thing,before any of u ally fans start using this time to say how much the horde sucks take the time to learn about them.Thats all.
I couldve sworn i said to see the horde in a different perspective.I like both the ally and Horde but allys arent exactly saints either.
This thread really smells of trolling and baiting, I mean what's the point?

You know Allies don't like the Horde, is the whole point to see "Which Allies don't like the Horde and tell them to l2lore"?
That was a different perspective. You should hear what I really think. While I tend to look at it from a group that is trying to better and redeem themselves, the fact that they keep making the same mistakes and refuse to try and see things from the other side takes alot of the ability to sympathize with them away.
People who commit mass genocide can be reedemed? >_> Some of the races of the horde can be redeemd just not the orcs and undead.

I see a lot of people try to portray the Orcs as victims of the Alliance, seeing as they were put into camps. It still boggles me that there are people who believe that to be true. A race tries to commit genocide, they lose, and all we do is put them in jail? And the Alliance are the bad guys here?
Either way, as they currently stand, they're not outcasts any more, at least not any more than the Soviet Union was.

All the more reason for "Burning Heart" from Rocky IV to be the theme song of the cold war between the Alliance and the Horde.
The horde need to be competely erradicated and nothing left of there extisense.

The Orcs: Cuased choas throught the lands and killed million of people. They are past redemtpion. They can only be reedemed by the blades of the warroirs of the alliance.

The taurens: Eh, There are alright they can live as long as they stay on there own and not bother the other races.

Trolls: need to be wiped out for the constant war agaisnt them. It wont stop until every last one of them are dead.

Forsaken: That curse need to be extreanminted just there exstiacne defiles that land.

The Blood elfs: They can rejoin. We don't have any beef agasint them.

The orcs were a quite peaceful race until the Draenei dragged their war with the burning legion to their planet.

Night elves brought the legion to Azeroth in the first place.

The Orcish Horde, the Lich King are all byproducts of the Draenei dragging their wars to a peaceful and innocent civilization.

Plus, there is not a single alliance race native to Azeroth, save Night Elves who were decended from Trolls. Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes are all degraded descendants of Titan creations. Worgen and Forsaken are just extensions of the Human Race.

Trolls, Tauren, and Goblins are all native to Azeroth. I think it's time the Alliance leave and take their Burning Legion war with them.
How can you be an outcast when you're a part of a huge group?

How can you be an outcast when you're a part of a huge group?



Not saying the Horde are emos or anything....*shifty eyes*
There is no good and evil between the races. Alliance are at war with the Horde, therefor HORDE BAD, Horde is at war with Alliance therefore, ALLY BAD
Horde loose that a long time ago, ever since they are the spoiled children of blizzard, they only posses honor when it suits then.
The only one i like in the horde is Garrosh he is honored, he fights for a cause, but the horde is loosing the honor and fast, a bunch of savages, and what piss me the most, is that the heroes of the alliance, have to leave it, to work with them, we lost so much because of the horde, they are monsters and deserve nothing.

Not saying the Horde are emos or anything....*shifty eyes*

Says the Blood Elf.

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