Gear for Hunters/Bows/Guns still w/Intellect

Does anyone know if the Hunter gear will change from having intellect to something else? I look on the AH and Bows still have Intellect on them... who uses Bows.= Hunters , Rogues, Warriors.... none of these classes now use intellect. I might want to level another Hunter on a different realm sometime and the thought of having to use rogue gear which is now what hunters use or having to get a bow with useless intellect on it is some what distressing seeing that I can't need for leather in dungeons..and most of the mail gear has intellect on it... which is now geared for shammys only. Gear needs to be re-designed pls!!! And not just for 80s. TY <3
The first bonus for the lvl 60 epic armor is 2 pieces= 4% chance to restore 200 mana uggh... I have not used any of the falcon armor at all. I am all dressed up in rogue gear until who knows when.
Lot of bows, guns and crossbow still have Spirit, a stat that does not benefit Hunters, Rogues or Warriors either.

They didn't fix all of the hunter gear in the game, especially not random enchant gear with stat combos that don't really work together anymore (anything that combines int or spirit with str or agi). Looks like they mostly got the Outland and Northrend quest rewards and boss drops.

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