10 man Bane LFM for Cataclysm.

Guild Recruitment
Ultima Ratio on the Icecrown Server is looking to expand it's numbers for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion. Recently formed and already running ICC10 12/12 Heroic on farm, UR is dedicated to 10 man raiding and precision. We will be running many different 10 man raids during cataclysm lead by select raid leaders within the guild.

I am currently looking to fill my 10 man raid for cataclysm as soon as possible as to prepare for the expansion thoroughly. Our raid times would be Tuesday-Thursday 7-11 EST.

Current Needs:

1 Tank (Druid/Death Knight/Warrior)
1 Healer (Holy/Disc Priest ; Druid)
1 Ranged DPS (Boomkin ; SPriest)
1 Melee DPS (Frost DK)

Current Makeup (What I have already):

1 Restoration Shaman
1 Holy Paladin
1 Assassination Rogue
1 MM Hunter
1 Paladin Tank
1 Affliction Warlock

If you are interested in talking to me further please e-mail me at lambcm9@wfu.edu (or contact me through REAL-ID with that email) or whisper me in game on any of my active toons: Veelia, Prncestictac, Luceelia, Beelia.

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