Crit vs. Mastery?

Hey guys,

I'm newly back to the game after being gone for awhile, and alot has seemed to have changed. :D

All questions revolve around PvP more then PvE.

So I'm aware I can switch stats over to Mastery... I'm assuming Critical Strike Rating would be my most likely choice, but at what crit percentage does Mastery outweigh Crit Strike Rating? Or does it always? My Crit's sitting at an unbuffed 49.5% at the moment.

Also, my hit rating is a little low I think, it's at 124. Should I just hit hit cap for 80 targets for pvp, or do I need to go higher? Or is it even worth it? Should I reforge to hit from crit to cap, then go Mastery? Or skip hit all together?

All advice appreciated.

Mastery converts to bleed damage at an amazing rate, which makes it trump any other non-agility stat from a pure DPS perspective. You'll want to reforge everything to mastery. And just like every PVP spec, getting hit capped is a top priority.

You don't really want to reforge to hit, as that reduces your mastery, and you don't want to gem hit *too* much, as that reduces your agility, so your best bet is to get your hit from your offset pieces. The ones with hit on them are the hit versions of the PVP neck, cloak, and the 245 Relentless melee ring if I remember correctly, with gemming a little bit of hit to hit the cap if required. If you want to PVE a little, the Ashen Verdict rep ring is amazing, even in PVP, and it has hit on it.
Excellent, thank you for the response.

So even if it drops my crit under 40% I should still convert crit strike rating to Mastery? Also hit capped vs 83 or hit capped vs 80?
Mastery's conversion rating is so powerful compared to crit that it's better than crit for any value of crit, basically. So yes, reforge it regardless of how low you drop.

And PVP is all level 80 players. Hit cap for 80.

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