Wyrmrest Accord IC Twitter Project!

Wyrmrest Accord
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Ah, I forgot to mention this
Added one for this alt too, though to be honest I don't post as often as I do on Kaltome

Cardea Mori'liin @EmeraldFaie



Since I'm finally over here.

Sounds fun!


My belf with a semi-broken brain has found a magic book! He's always happy when new people start writing in it.

Kilein, in it's various spellings, means Strife and he's a rogue. It's not an emo name, I swear!
Tentative re-entry into RP community after a long time withdrawn. We'll see how it goes?


8| Twitter is kind of confusing so far.
Doing it with my Dwarf Warrior, Dvalin Anvilforge.

Phew... it's a real chore going through the topic and getting all these names in. D-: Especially when Twitter throws up the hourly usage limit thing. I've made it to page 10 so far.
Just created the account, but hopefully tweeting soon.


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