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Wyrmrest Accord
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Is this still active? Wanting to try it out...

I'm @Kelastria
I dunno if it is, but I jumped on and followed everybody. @AnisteCopert It sounds like a good idea to get storylines going if you ask me.
For people wondering if it's active, there's still quite a few people.

I've noticed that a lot of people stop 'writing' after meeting certain people, so kind of want to say that you don't have to add everyone in and can also block some others if they're causing too many problems
Too many people seem to just be going with abandoning the project altogether instead of just blocking/ignoring people :(

@foolsandjesters - Most of my WrA/MG characters.
@PhaedraWoW - All versions of Phaedra, which are denoted by stating which one is writing in her tome at the time.

Off-Server Accounts (mainly for interest)

@MatojoTB - the main, original version of this character, located on Thorium Brotherhood. He's prone to trolling the tomes (pun intended) for laughs. THIS IS THE ACCOUNT THAT FOLLOWS MOST OF THE PROJECT, since it's easiest for me to just... follow everything on one account and respond on others as needed.
@ThomiTB - the main, original version of my warlock Thomi, located on Thorium Brotherhood.
@ahostofdragons - Any character that's a DiD (dragon in disguise) posts here. Nobody knows that they're dragons IC because these people are not stupid.
Hello everyone. If new (or not so new!) folks are looking for active people, I (and a circle of folks I interact with) post multiple times a day.

Mikha Sunthistle ‏

Feel free to follow me and say hi! :)
(((I'm kinda a little bit disappointed

so many IC-blood elven trolololols

i got attacked yesterday....

i was crying T_T )))


You're not showing up. :(
((I love the idea!))

I don't know if this is still active, so I'll try it anyways.

Hey! Just came here, and found this while browsing XD.


Figured it'd be a good way to get into RP here lol.
Ah! This is such a great idea!


I've followed everyone here. I'm glad there are a few people enjoying this even 2 years after the start!
We should keep this going :)

if that doesn't work,

Follow me!

*Begins following some of the pretty ladies*

This sounds kinda neat. I will try it out and see if it is worth doing. :)

No specific character, I'll just post on which character I feel is relevant.

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