Crescendo: Recruiting for Heroic Raids

(No, we're not doing heroics yet, but that's our aim and focus, just so you know upfront what kind of guild this is!)

Hello everyone!

Cataclysm has arrived and there's never been a better time to get a fresh start!

Crescendo is in Alliance guild on US-Garrosh aiming to start with 10-man and transition into 25-man heroic content in Cataclysm. Here's the cliff notes of what we're trying to accomplish:

- Dedicated, high level raiding on a schedule that won't consume your life (3 days a week, W-Su-M 8:30-11:30 EST)
- Competitive raiding without the raging, immaturity, and disrespect that's become too common in the "hardcore" community
- Strict but reasonable expectations on performance and attendance - no freeloaders allowed
- A guild driven by meritocracy where those who want and deserve responsibilities get them

The kinds of people we're looking for:

- People who love high-end raiding, but are tired of demanding schedules or the elitist, "raid jock" attitudes held by many raid guilds
- People who've raided in semi-casual guilds where they were always "carrying the team" and want to work with a group of equally dedicated and competent people

We believe that you don't have to choose between being amongst good people and being amongst good players.

Crescendo is a level 7 guild. We still have a ways to go before we can field a full 25-man raid, but our roster is growing daily!

Here's our raiding philosophy and application:
Crescendo is now looking for one or two skilled healers to fill out our 10-man raiding group. Contact Saphiel, Lesmiserable, or Jubela ingame or visit
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Are you guys still recruiting? I have been on Garrosh for a while, knowing you guys as basically the #1 guild on the server. It's neat to see a post from when you guys were still growing. Shows you that anything is possible :)
Would you guys hurry up and beat Lei Shen, then tell us how to do it? That guy sucks. !@#$%^- second transition BS.
Would you guys hurry up and beat Lei Shen, then tell us how to do it? That guy sucks. !@#$%^- second transition BS.

been there done that my friend :]

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