/afk movie is now playing. Enjoy =]


I am glad you liked it! ^_^

As far as Emmersblade goes.... I just løl at the ignørance and møve øn. I see that kid øn every pøst I make.

I don't know who either of you are but his entire arguement was based on you being unorigional with your name and his is based off a Yu-gi-oh card, which makes me chuckle.

Before he bashes me yes, my name is from a dictionary and I am not origional enough to come up with cool name sounding words on my own.
Pretty darn good :)
Yea I am the og Virility from VC.
i'm all for creativity i took like 5 mins to think of my names each, before i played a toon. some names i play and made up to think about gizmo, gizmogutts, gizmoshanks, gobbs, killenger, gutters,maddox,mojin, brutalblood, blondex , maggobbs ,kenshin, stripperella ,dixie , vixen , belladonna, Fawnda , brocksamson ,brocky ,deathstriker , HellHawk , and its a good video bloodvein.

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