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My gear sucks, no hiding the fact or disguising the truth, relatively new 80 with sc*@!!d together garbage. Now, I decided, unlike my other 80s who are PvE geared, that I'd like to try and do my gear grinding for PvP for a change, maybe get good at it or something.

Now the real question is whether or not I'm too detrimental to a team to be queuing and grinding BGs. Unlike the AFKer I actually try, my damage is poor but my CC hits regularly and I don't typically travel alone unless something goes awry. This used to be a big deal before, people complaining about the under-geared as if they were all bads. Granted, people complain about everything.

So, should I be in BGs grinding for my PvP gear or should I go away until I'm better PvE geared to grind for my PvP gear?
I'd rather have someone undergeared that's trying vs the afkers just talking crap doing just enough to not get kicked.
Meh, I jumped into pvp right after turning 80. Just concentrate on sticking with the group and CC'ing rather than trying to engage other players directly.

You're a mage, so you could just spec frost and skilllance spam your way to victory anyway, though.
grind away imo everyone needs to grind bg's at somepoint for pvp gear
I have no problem with undergeared toons in a bg (as long as i dont get a full team of them :p )

I would take an undergeard player that knows wtf their doin over a overgeared player that just keeps running back to stabels cause he cant beat the 1 mage gaurding it and has something to prove (just an example but hopefully people get the point)
Do you want to be in the bg? If yes, then that's where you should be. It's your $15. If you want to pvp without the best gear then go for it. As long as you're aware that you will be at a disadvantage and that you'll come across some vocal teammates that think their $15 is somehow more important than yours.

Enjoy yourself. Who cares what people think.

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