Is "I got my money on my mind" bugged

I just recently completed the loot 25,000 gold achievment & 2 strange things happened, 1st i only got 10 achievment points instead of the 50 & 2nd on the summary tab it counted the 10,000 gold achievment as well, Like i got them both back to back, Even though i got the 10,000 gold one months ago, Has this happened to anyone else?
When a "tiered" achievement like this one says the next rank is worth [50] points, it means including all the other ranks. You already had [40] points for 10k, so you only got 10 new points bringing the total for the whole thing to [50]. Same applies to Level 80, Seeker, many other multi-level achieves.

The other thing seems to be a recently introduced bug, seen it reported on the Bugs forum. I have not seen a response. It matters to a few people that there is an accurate record of when they got older achieves, even if they later get a higher one, so I imagine it will get addressed eventually.
The second thing happened to me. You can see that I earned them the same day on the achievements page. That's a lot of dead body looting to get 15,000g in one day. o.o

I'll just tell people I pulled it off.

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