Rogue Leveling FAQ (7.x)

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Do i have all the right heirlooms?

(meaning are my heirlooms right, and if there are any others i'm missing, where do i get them :P)-sorry if this is listed somewhere

I am under the impression you want a slower MH dagger so your backstabs/ambushes hit harder. The Balanced Heartseeker would be more appropriate in the MH. That being said, it's not a huge deal.
Thank you sooooooooooooo much for this guide, id be lost on my rouge if it werent for you, i was doing well early on and then once i hit 40's i started going down hill fast until i read this guide and better understood my rouge so thnx again and i hope i can come to you for any rouge questions
Thank you Aeriwen, good guide. By the way heirlooms useless after lvl 80 :o)
Thanks, looks like I should start leveling!
this so awesome!!
Thank you, and happy stalking.

I've missed a few question here and there. Its been baby fever lately. So, I've been very busy with helping friends and family with their new bundles of joy.
One thing it took me 30 some-odd level to figure out is that you can use your finishers on corpses. They retain any CPs you had on them.

This makes things much less nerve-wracking when the mobs are dying fast. Just pile up as many CPs as you can, then hit Recup or SnD on the corpse.

Which leads me to this question: how long do CPs last? If I'm fighting four dragonkin at once, do I need to hurry to "collect" the CPs off one of the corpses? Or will they stay for a while?
The reason is that you can only have CP's on one target at a time....

Perfect. Thank you very much.

It's a pity, though.
You've stressed the value of SnD. As a combat rogue at my lvl, should I be focused on keeping it up during the classic low lvl dungeons? It feels like by the time I get several CP up for SnD and then start over building for Evs, the bosses are almost down anyway and I'm out of Energy. Or, given the life expectancy of classic dungeon mobs, would you recommend SS up to 5 and then Evs? One thing I've come to appreciate as a low lvl Rogue is your friend : ) Thanks so much for your time!
IMO leveling through PvP for 2 lvl's then dungeons for 3 lvl's, using every spec in the dungeons;
I got more out of Ev's. If mobs aren't lasting long enough then SnD doesn't help enough. Even leveling up into the 60's they don't live long enough to get the effect of SnD.
I'm a leveling rogue that plays subtlety most of the time, uses a BOA dagger MH and BOA sword OH, and I'm leveling it for a PVP setup. Most interestingly, I understand that assassination and combat are good DPS and PVP specs, but I merely cannot play them. Whether or not this is because I do not understand those specs, I just can't play those specs, am not set up to play them or have gotten too used to instant-kills, but it takes too long for me to level up using in quests and such. Does anyone know if this is just because subtlety, below level 80, is built to instant-kill and that 80+ I will find that all of them even out in this respect, or does subtlety stay on top for extreme beginning bursts of damage?
@Deseth: Subtlety probably does have the highest burst damage. You can technically use any of the three specs in DPS, the only difficulty(in my opinion) about sub is the fact that you are wanting to be behind boss all the time in order to use Backstab and sometimes that isn't possible. Also take into account if you're going to be DPS'ing with Sub know that Shadow Dance is a very helpful skill and using it would be great :).. At higher levels you'll probably need to keep recup/rupture/SnD refreshed at all times because the energy regen without Energetic Recovery is kinda ehh. Combat though gives high energy regen and they have adrenaline rush. It's mostly just personal preference.
Oh and most of this is going to change when Mists of Pandaria comes around because 1.4 daggers are being thrown out.
Not really related to the topic at hand, but the problem I come upon most is when leveling as a solo, is the fact that "Stealthing" won't really help if you need to kill a "boss" or a area of enemies (except when trying to position yourself for a quick getaway or for a positional advantage).
Edit a note.

Updates coming as soon as I get a little time to test drive the changes.
I read the first posting and one thing about low level dungeons... I have learned that I can give more damage if, while I am heading towards a group of mobs, I tab target quickly past non-elite mobs and only attack elites. That way I can sustain the attack on one target and get to use more finishers.

Another note is that everyone brings something to the table all the time, not just in raids. I hold this true all the way from that first baby dungeon. Even at low levels, rogues can be using stuns, kicks and so forth to insure the group's success in ways that don't show up on DPS meters.
Delete the post if you want Blizzard.


If you are reading this guide, stop, turn around, and go find whatever OP alt you have and level that. I wouldn't touch this class until they fix it. I made the mistake of leveling mine and I feel obligated to warn others.

Good luck to all the dedicated rogues.....I feel like I am a fan of the Red Sox or something. Broken.

Blizzard please fix the class.
This is not really the place for that kind of post.
10/09/2012 03:35 AMPosted by Rinsche
If you are reading this guide, stop, turn around, and go find whatever OP alt you have and level that. I wouldn't touch this class until they fix it. I made the mistake of leveling mine and I feel obligated to warn others.

What the heck is wrong with rogues? Granted I'm nowhere near level cap, but I'm having a blast on mine.

It's not about the destination, anyway, but the journey.

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