Rogue Leveling FAQ (7.x)

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Thanks for this, it's exactly what I was looking for.
One thing I would debate is poison use SPECIFICALLY for dungeons.

For combat and sub, wound / wound is probably best for questing (pvp is a whole new discussion). However, if you are looking to maximize your damage on the bosses, you may want to use IP: slow MH / DP: fast OH.

The bosses have larger health pools than they used to, and once DP hits five stacks, it begins to proc the poison on your mainhand anytime it procs.

This is for people who have a better understanding of the rogue class. At lower levels, this probably won't matter so much. At higher levels, the damage difference will be much more significant.

Edit: To any newbie rogues who are looking at this and have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, just go with WP / WP
Thanks for this info. Having played my main as a druid since release, I've wanted to play a rogue in PvP and give back what I received in BG's for many years, hehe. The time I've spent leveling both Alliance & Horde rogues haven't been substantial, but I'm ready now to get them both going. I think this guide/post will prove extremely useful.

Sorry, just trying to head off some questions.
What enchants are best for the BoAs?
Bumping - I'm levelling a second Worgen rogue for Cata and this should always be on the front page.
Ok so I just started a worgen on Moon Guard, have a pve leather chest, pvp shoulders, and pvp dagger on this guy. I think I'm getting the ring next weekend too. I'm definitely transferring Moon Guard, but should I grab more heirlooms before I go?
Thanks for your guide, Aeriwen! Very nicely done.

I've taken your advice and gone dagger/dagger Assassination, and so far it's been great.

I'd love to see some suggestions for leveling glyphs broken out by spec. I imagine many would change at 85, but for now I'm interested in the leveling process.

Thanks again!
Nice guide. It's good to see this info all in one place. A note on Deadly Momentum. Rogues have to ramp up to their full potential. Many classes do not. They're strong right out of the gate. This talent is uniquely suited to rogues. Let's please not start calling Deadly Momentum "the best leveling talent in the game." It is the best rogue leveling talent in the game. No doubt. But other classes have their own tools and are leveling just fine without it.
12/12/2010 3:16 PMPosted by Redclaws

I've taken your advice and gone dagger/dagger Assassination, and so far it's been great.

I'd love to see some suggestions for leveling glyphs broken out by spec.

Get Slice and Dice for sure. Another 6 seconds can make a big difference when you're riding Deadly Momentum. I like Sprint for the major slot. It's often my get out jail free card.
What I don't understand is why this excellent post hasn't been glued to the front page yet. I doubt that anyone can or will make a general leveling guide that covers this much ground and gives this much info.

Blizz ... just do it.

I'm leveling a Worgen Sub Rogue and found that your best putting your first 2 points into Nightstalker ... not Ambush. At this low a level, the "bang for your buck" from Ambush is almost meaningless. It could wait until levels 13 & 15.

NS however allows you to move faster and even more importantly, gets you back into stealth quicker. You can alternate:

Stealth > ShS > Ambush > Evis with Stealth > Ambush > SS > Evis

Replace SS with Hemo when you get it ... I know SS with daggers bytes but its not that noticeable at this low a level.

This way you are constantly moving, stealthing and killing with virtually no down time. NS allows you the speedy movement and quick stealth needed to run the table anywhere you level.

Just a thought ....
Thank you for posting this. I'm sure a lot of people will find this very helpful. I myself am leveling my rogue combat until I get to 80 and switching to Assassination. I like the combat for the Blade Furry and the energy regen bonus is really great at lower levels.
awesome thanks a lot
Hey guys, pretty new to the game. I've tried it a few times over the years but never made it very far. Me and a friend are giving cata a shot and liking it.

At first, I rolled a worgen mage. Went frost, took him to level 30. It was powerful, easy, and boring.

So I decided I wanted to hit things and switched it up. Changed sides, went with a rogue. Loving it so far. A lot of the new quests are pretty hilarious. (just did the hilsbrad ones. Johhny awesome and kingslayer orkus. good stuff.)

Anyway, I've been running quests solo while waiting for the dungeon finder to work its magic. Luckily my times are about half what they were while playing my mage.

So I've got a few questions:

I'm going to get a dual spec or respec at 30, and I was wondering if I absolutely need dual daggers for assassination/sub spec. I do have an extra dagger, but it's about 4 DPS shorter than my current mainhand.

Should I ever compromise in stacking agility at this point in my career? Sometimes I need to choose between "of the monkey" and "of the bandit." Essentially, 1 or 2 points of extra agility or .5-1% crit rate. I know it's not a big deal, just wondering how hard and fast the rule of thumb is.

In dungeons, right now I pretty much just open with ambush if I can, otherwise I just start SS'ing right away. When there are multiple enemies, I use blade flurry. If casters draw aggro I try to intercept and pull the mobs off the clothies. All that feels pretty right, but should I try to use my combo points for big evis finishers, or should I always try to keep slice and dice running? I've been switching to the latter since I picked up SnD at 22, since I feel like a 40% increase in white damage is more significant than an occasional 500+dmg crit. I pretty much only use recup if I'm taking a beating or need to tank something, and save vanish pretty much for boss fights or "oh %#%!" moments.

Speaking of damage, I'm looking for a good DPS tracker so I have a more concrete understanding of how to manage my playstyle, rather than just my gut. Is there a good one that I can use on OSX? Yeah, yeah, playing on a mac. I'm away from home and don't have access to my PC desktop.

Thanks all. Great guide, by the way, it's certainly come in handy.
Recount should work for dps tracking.

In groups you should try and keep SnD up at all times. Agility is your super stat. Always take agility upgrades. You'll be into the next upgrade soon enough anyway to sweat over minor differences. There is a lot of other stuff that I mention in the guide about different stats but it is not terribly important.

Use a slow weapon in your mainhand, like a sword, axe, or mace if you stay combat (and I recommend that you do since you are new), stack agility, and keep reading. Feel free to come back here and I can answer any more detailed questions you may have. In the mean time, enjoy the experience. :)
I left this Rogue on the shelf for a long time but I got tired of rolling casters. I switched from Combat to Subtlety because I like the greater stealth and burst damage for questing. My problem is when I do dungeons, even after waiting a 3-5 count, my burst pulls off the tank right away and I have to hit Shadowmeld to stay alive. I really like using dual daggers so I don't like Combat.

I plan on dual-speccing into Assassination but I want to know if it will be effective at my level in dungeons because of elites dying in 4-5 hits. Will Assassination contribute more to boss fights than Subtlety? Boss fights are my favorite part of dungeons.

I really appreciate your guide; especially the breakdown of the order that I should distribute the talent points. Thanks for making this guide!
If you are pulling agro, then you are leading everyone else in dps. Its ok to wait, and if it isn't a boss, just makes sure that the tank is trying to hold agro on it before you attack it. It's not your fault for pulling agro, but making it a pain for your tank is at that level.

Make an assist focus macro and set it to your tank. Press it every time you attack something. That should help out a bunch.

/target [@focustarget]

or you could put it into an ambush macro

/cast [@focustarget][] Ambush

You get feint at 42, which could help. Don't worry too much about pulling agro on trash unless you are attacking the wrong target because its gonna happen, just be nice. You'll get some more tools later to help with agro and tanks will have a bit better agro tools as well.
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