Rogue Leveling FAQ (7.x)

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Just an idea, think we could talk about keybinding also. Like what we should keybind and were are the best spots? Just an idea thx.
Quick question. Since Nifflevar Bearded Axe was changed in 4.0.6, is this a viable weapon to use in a Combat leveling build?
10/10 for how much time this probably took.
Quick question. Since Nifflevar Bearded Axe was changed in 4.0.6, is this a viable weapon to use in a Combat leveling build?

Most certainly. That would be an excellent combat mainhand. That reminds me that I should update the guide for the new heirlooms. Unfortunately, I'm currently working on a pvp guide and until I get it near a finished state, I'll be busy.

Feel free to post suggestions or questions. I'm still monitoring the thread and helping where I can.
02/20/2011 5:15 AMPosted by Olrac
This guide has been wonderful so far. I am 78 now and 80 won't be far off. What do you suggest I respec into for assassination and sub? By the way, I have tried both sub and assassination and have loved leveling sub more.

There are lots of juicy choices. You could go for quickening via any tier one talent, or grab up precision to keep yourself hit capped. Don't overlook SnD, or the glyph, to keep that snd rolling between pulls. That hold true for assassination, especially with hit via precisions helping keep poisons capped. Opportunity is nice too for some heavy hitting mutilates.
This is my first serious rogue. As for the DPS in dungeons that you talk about I actually do quite well most of the time. Me and a friend of mine (he's a mage) are usually always competing with each other for top dps. I'm not always in the top and yes my points could be spent better which they will when I respec.

On mobs of more than one I always have blade fury up and pop slice and dice and then go to town. I usually cant get enough points to do massive damage so I have to settle for getting a couple of combo points and then doing the finishing move. For single boss fights I turn blade fury off and then I can usually max out my combo points.

I have noticed that as I get higher levels the other dps are catching up to me so ......

I love the guide though as it has given me some great advice for gemming, talents etc. Thanks for the guide.

Didn't say that my spec is combat atm.
You'll want to pick up Relentless Strikes asap and Ruthlessness, even if you have to drop some points out of precisions (just watch your hit%).

Thats does two things. I makes your finishers much more energy efficent, which is important because 80-85, you'll be finishing much more often.

I'll just post a typical encounter for ilustration.

Open with garrote (or mutilate if I'm feeling cocky), immediately rupture, and use the ruthlessness proc (I swear it procs more than 60%) to start snd, then build up to a 5 CP recuperate, then try and finish to buff snd to full duration.

With a stacked garrote, rupture and overkill, you have a lot of energy to get things running.

Use the SnD glyph, since it'll help keep recuperate and snd synced up.

Mobs are harder to kill, don't be afraid to pop combat readiness on multipulls, and don't be afread to blind when things get tough. You can gouge offtargets for more breathing room as well.

/cast [@mouseover, harm, exists][] Blind

Just hover your cursor over the target to blind. You might want to use the blind glyph to remove stuff, if you absolutely need to bandage, or sprint away and reset.

/cast Gouge

/targetenemy acts just like TAB. Just face the one you want to cc, and it'll gouge it and then switch immeditately back to your previous target. Keep in mind, gouge will add a combo point to the offtarget, which will wipe any combo points on your primary target, so time it accordingly.

All in all, fighting from 80-85, you get to use more of your skillset as a rogue, and you will be rewarded for it. If you try to play exactly like you did up to 80, it will be frustrating.
Excellent guide, thank you. I'll have alot to think about.
Ah rogues 85 pvp is CRAZY thats all you see is rogues but i recomend hunters/rogues/druids those are like the best classes to play on wow ( my opinion)
Been playing my rogue from 49, she's been retired for a long time. Found out not long after I started levelling that for me, subtlety is best dps. I am sure that once past 80 assassination will pull ahead after mobs start getting alot tougher. Subtlety is such high burst dps, which ive found you need levelling through the dungeon finder. Assassination needs to ramp dps up and before that can happen most mobs are dead in random dungeons. I am usually first or second dps overall and most bosses I am first , backstab and shadowdance are your friend.

Soloing quests I usually do this : shadowstep(if available) > ambush > hemo (for 10% damage buff) and eviscerate. Most mobs are dead. I honestly dont even use SnD and rarely need to use recuperate (not much damage taken)

Thank you for the guide by the way, great reading =D
For me, most mobs are dead from Cheap Shot - Mut - Mut - Evis. Of course, the constant SnD/Recup is just the icing on the cake.
well as a 85 rouge, i dont really use macros, but on my warrior i have a macro that lets me cast charge, then rend, then switchs me to beserker stance. so it just makes making attacks easyer, yes i agree with you that using a macro to start combat then use a skill is silly. but for using differnt attacks at once its helpful
As a Engineer for a Rogue, what's the best Enchant? Tazik Shocker? or Hyperspeed Accelerators? Or is there another Enchant I have not discovered yet? She's at 497 Eng.
when certain abilities are available as i level do different trainers teach different techiniques at the same level
Edit: Nevermind, just remembered I have 2x mace heirlooms!
03/10/2011 5:26 PMPosted by Baroarke
when certain abilities are available as i level do different trainers teach different techiniques at the same level

No, all trainers train the same skills. The only exception is that trainers in lower level zones may not train you past a few beginner skills, at which point you have probably already been directed to a trainer in a city.

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