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*Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my Forum post about our new guild <Among The Few>*


<Among The Few> was created just a few days ago by a bunch of RL friends who have decided (Come Cataclysm) that we would like to start over in WoW. Start over? Yes we all have raided ICC and have numerous 80's, however, Wow has become bland for us. To solve this issue we have decided to basically restart our WoW careers. We are moving over to Black Dragonflight(Horde) to start completely fresh. This means, no heirlooms, no gold, no 80's, nothing. The only thing we are bringing with us is our experiences we all have of WoW and our drive to create a very successful raiding/pvp guild on Black Dragonflight.

Why Do this?

Well we have been guild hopping for a long time now and decided it's time to create a guild just like we did in BC. I have managed guilds my entire WoW career and have decided to put everything I have into this one to try and make it one of the best so far. This is where you guys come in! We need lots of recruits to help get our guild going.

What we Need?

Anyone who has extensive WoW knowledge and experience
-Been a player since BC or early would be great
-Numerous 80's
-Gladiators perhaps?

I know what you’re thinking...

Why do this if you have spent so much time in your other characters?

Well once we have leveled our new characters to 85, we will be transferring our other toons over to help with the guild. The whole reason to start over is to integrate on another server and experience Cataclysm in all its glory. Hopefully we can find like-minded people on this server (and servers throughout) who share our same ideology and beliefs as we do.

How can you apply?

We have a website atm which is up and running that will give you a simple application to fill out

After this I will review your application and find time to interview you to see if you fit our new guild

Hopefully then you will be accepted and you can start leveling characters in prep. for Cataclysm.

**Once Cataclysm Hits**

When this occurs we will all become hardcore levelers until we hit 85, which at that time, we will begin to Raid and participate in Arena/Rated Bg's!!!

Until then we are looking for recruits of any Class/Level to expand our guild with like-minded members!

Feel Free to apply once again at....

Thank you for your Time.

K (Guild Master of Among The Few)

Azill---> Main Shaman come Cataclysm

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