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So as I am pre-emptivly looking at it, my current laptop blows and when there is a major patch I have to do a fresh install. So my question is, when Cataclysm comes out, by then I'll have a new laptop ((thankfully)) which means no wow :(. If I use my Cataclysm disc, when it comes out of course, will it install ALL the files I need, or will it be like a typical expansion, "requires xxxxx to in order to install".
You can use the disk to install Cataclysm, then any extra data you need will be downloaded. You don't need to reinstall WoW, then BC, then Wrath to make Cataclysm work. The disks themselves are stand-alone products when it comes to installing.

On another note, would it be possible for you to cut and paste your World of Warcraft folder from your current laptop to your new one? WoW's nice when it comes to migrating it easily to new systems.
Cataclysm ( just like WOTLK did) will have the entire game client on it. It will more than likely need a small patch or two after install though
actually i wont need to, i just went back to look at my order, luckily alienware comes with the option to "pre install" world of warcraft :-D, ..the reason i have to reinstall everytime on my current laptop is a 40gb hard drive....i was just worried that when i got the new laptop if i didn't put pre install on alienware..if i wouldnt be able to use cataclysm only disc lol..thanks for the replies guys
Do you know what version it preinstalls? If it's an old image, it might be the old 3.x client and that will need a pretty hefty patch download to update.

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