One problem I have with tanking

Death Knight
Before patch 4.0.1 I was keeping aggro and I did great in all of the dungeons I tanked. But now whenever I do a dungeon I can't keep up with the dps because of my Death and Decay ability. Before 4.0.1 there was a talent in the unholy tree that was right at the beggining wich reduced my cooldown timer for D&D by 15 seconds. The dps tears through mobs like nothing and they rush along to the next group of mobs when my D&D is still on colldown. So since i can't throw it down it's hard to keep aggro because all I can use is Blood Boil and the ability that spreads my diseases around (Pestilence I think it is). And that doesn't keep aggro. Does anybody have any tips on how to solve this issue? And I am asking Blizzard if they could fix it to where maybe Blood Boil gets more threat or the make a talent that lets me decrease the cooldown.
run in, BB, heart strike, tab, heart strike, tab, heart strike, tab death strike, tab rune strike, BB for good measure, throw death coils in there too...i also think there's a glyph that gives your BB %20 more dmg. get that if you don't have it. also there is an enchant for your gloves (scroll of enchant gloves/hands - marksman) that will give you 2% more threat. get it if you don't already have it.
I generally BB, Death Strike, Heart Strike, tab Heart Strike/Rune Strike/Death Strike. I never BB more than once if there's only 3 mobs, if there's 4 or more I'll throw in a few more BBs. And don't Death Coil, it's really not that useful and wastes RP you could be using for your Rune Strikes.

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