Unholy Spec DK's not prioritize Expertise

Death Knight
From everything I've heard the priority list for Unholy DK stats goes

Hit > Str = Haste > Mastery > Expertise > Crit

and I don't fully understand why Expertise is so low on the priority list, we are a melee class after all. Can anyone explain to me why Expertise is not at the top of the list after Hit like it is for every other melee class?
Because even though the reduced chance for an attack to not hit is nice and more stable dps, overall the increasing of a stat like strength or haste instead will create more overall damage done even if the boss dodges an attack now and then.
because if we get dodge we just use the skill again
ok, makes more sense now. cheers.
I'm not an expert on this, just a casual player with a hypothesis, but this is what I think.

For frost, expertise is important because of KM procs and I guess Might of the Frozen Waste procs for 2 handers. Maybe also because Frost Strike follows melee rules and not spell rules, I'm not sure on that one if someone could confirm.

For unholy, we don't really rely too much on procs, just the free DC proc, but if we just attack faster it would offset the dodges. DC itself follow spell rules so it doesn't rely on expertise at all.

That is what I think why expertise is not a priority.
*Edit: I didnt see anyone else post after the OP when I typed this, my hands are cold so I am blaming it on the cold weather for my slow typing.

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