Deathwing attacks!!!

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So I remember reading about how Deathwing was going to be randomly attacking zones and wiping players out who are in those zones at the time... which will result in a feat of strength. I'm just curious if this has started yet, or if that's one of the things that is yet to come. Anyone have that FoS yet if it has started?

Edit: I'd laugh if Deathwing would wipe out an AV battle. That would be epic, but I'm assuming BG's are immune from such attacks.
Because Deathwing was free without shattering any part of the world... Seriously, it is logical thinking. But no, it has not started. It won't start until The Shattering happens.
No, it does not happen until the shattering.
Pretty sure he'll be flying around from the shatter until he's killed on the server.
When he does i'm gonna punch him in the face.

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