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So... I keep using my ardent defender here and there but there is no longer an animation so I'm never sure if it has popped or not. Being such, I'm not entirely sure if I need to pop my next tanking cooldown or keep waiting till my AD procs. I remember there used to be a gigantic pillar of yellow light. What happened to that? Is there plans to bring an animation back? I would really like that.
I 2nd your concerns and observations!

The last thing i want to worry about when tanking is IF i just died or not.

I dont know why they took the animation out, but hearing the rez sound and all the holy light around me let me know something bad just happened.

It also let me know that the healers are LOAFIN AROUND!

On a side not HoR Needs an animation too.

Or at least a better one with more flair and visual reassurance if am hitting the mob that might be just out of reach.

I think right now there is some weird orange wave that comes out, but just barely.

Yes i realize i should "JUST KNOW" when i died or just watch numbers over mobs heads, but with all the other visual pop-ups and ques i dont see why not gettin a lil lovin under the skirt from time to time.
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I've uhm, never actually, uhm seen AD go off. :X
Agree, the game needs to give better feedbacks on some of the ability. Sometimes it is just not obvious when certain spells are in effect. For example, when using Hand of Sacrifice, it might be nice to see a red-link (like FoS's last boss) between the caster and the target.
it doesn't give you the debuff anymore? lame
It still gives you an animation IF YOU DIE while its up.

For all other needs i HIGHLY recommend powerauras. I have a big red SKULL pop up when im at about 25% hp (ie a pop AD stupid warning) and then i have it pop up a big Purple magic rune looking thing with a countdown of its duration once its up.

When the countdown hits zero the graphic goes away and in the low part of my screen it pops up a AD symbol with a countdown till its usable again.

Its Amazingly effective and i HIGHLY recommend it.

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I don't think it is functioning correctly then. That is exactly the problem, I pop it and then I do die. I hover over my next cooldown debating if I should blow it or not and then die. Sure there is the heal but it is more than a little hard to figure out what is a normal heal vs what was my AD proc. I just want the pillar of yellow light back =/ it even made a noise! If not the animation then can we at least get the sound clip back?

I understand your point Vaydra on using mods. Maybe that is the only way.
My point is that using Mods should not be the only way, for now, to tell if AD procs or not.

With all the vast and expansive changes to the UI and ways Blizz has made it easier to know when a certain ability has procc'd i dont see WHY this was taken away out of all things.

As i said before AD and HoR dont really have a visual style or notification on whats going on.

Before 4.0 Hor had the bouncing hammer between mobs so it was very easy to tell whats been hit and what hasnt. Also in before 4.0 AD procs were very apparent and let me and the healers know that something wrong just happened.

Now after that AD has NO indication if it has worked or not.


HoR Has a ever so slight orange wave of fart dust the comes from my feet. At least i think its so hard to tell.

So i guess Adopted and i and a few others am sure just want some more visual Ques as to whats going on. As a tank knowing whats going on at all times is paramount.

It doesnt have to be the "old way" of how they looked but something should be done in the visuals department!

So I had been hoping that cata would fix this by it didn't so once again I must proclaim a bump "for great justice!"

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