What can we solo as Blood?

Death Knight
Lets see a pally try and solo crap, eh?

the ability to solo irrelevant old content is prolly not taken very seriously when they balance class abilities.

"yeh, we will nerf blood healing and the mastery because we think its unfair that they can solo MC ... "
"but wait .. now we are screwed in the CURRENT content"
"we dont care .. no class should be able to solo a boss MC"

yeh .. i dont see that happening at all. Its like balancing all classes so that everyone can solo Anzu on sethek halls, because everyone deserves a chance to farm the mount, right?

dont get me wrong .. i just dont think its a big deal lol. Its not like farming a thunderfury gives any advantage in the current content.

Everything in ZA except Malacrass is possible.

doesnt ZA require a bunch of people to open the initial door ? or they changed that?

They changed it part-way through wrath. All you need is someone to make a raid group with and you can open the gate by yourself (or at least with the help of everyone's favorite archeologist).

I found the bear boss is the only one that made me sweat a bit because of his bleeds, but it's only a battle of healing throughput rather than needing to do anything tricky to kill him. Everything else is easy excepting Malacrass. The only reason Malacrass can't be done is because he'll chain-cast Mark of Blood on you which means you'll heal 4% of his HP every time you strike him. You heal him for more than your can damage him.
at 80, ive been able to solo most of molten core easy, i had a bit of trouble with baron simply because his living bomb does uber fall damage (i solved this issue by standing on the incline next to the cave in garrs room)

i almost killed the first boss in aq 40 solo, his mirror image thing #%*#s me.

Although at level 85 in full tank gear you can probably be safe trying to solo some TBC raids. with 120k health at least i dont think anything in old world will be much of a challenge to solo.

Im hoping that Black temple will be soloable, i heard the Galaives are usable by DKs now!!!

In full T11 on Beta my DK was sitting at around 175k unbuffed. I immagine nearly all of the TBC raids will be solo-able that don't have strange mechanics.
ZG/MC/up to fankriss in AQ40/AQ20/outland heroics/magtheridon/gruul/kara/NR normals/Few NR heroics. Being a raid gear tank is amazing for money making.
I've successfully soloed MC/Kara/ZA(minus malacrass)/ZG and I'm looking for some more stuff to try. I 2-man mag each week, tried soloing but got owned. How good is the gold from soloing LK Heroics?
What's soloing like after 4.0.3?
In Kara, I had problems with Chess until I just didn't do anything. Start the fight, drop the king, switch to the warlock. Wait for the enemy king to get in range and cast spells until he dies. I failed it three times until then, and didn't lose a single piece.

As for Nightbane, you don't have to have the item to summon him, but you do have to have done the quest chain that would have given you the item before. Easy fight, just long. And unless you can kill Netherspite in one round, he can't be soloed. I was tanking it in mostly DPS gear and couldn't come close to killing him. In the second portal phase, you can't absorb the green beam, so he just heals to full.

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