Holy Paladin Raid Healing

How much has it changed?
I had been considering making a paladin for healing.
Paladins have gotten a huge revamp, and holy's play style has changed quite a bit. Raid healing in live would be quite tough, though once cata comes around and we have a full arsenal, it would be a bit easier. We do excel at tank and pvp healing however, with nice strands of burst healing. I would test out all the classes for healing, then choose which one.
I found healing as a paladin to be not all that different from healing as a priest when the level cap was 60.
Holy shock is used similarly to PW:shield-instant cast on a CD.
Flash of Light is a quick and mana inefficient but useful in times of a heavy healing load, much like flash heal was.
Divine light, much like greater heal back in the day, gets used as your Nuke Heal. It has a high mana cost, but is till more efficient than FoL.
Holy light is you mana sipping mainstay heal, just like downranked Heal was.

The mechanics aren't exact, but it is a close enough analogy. It works well enough to keep you in raids until you can fine tune the distinctions.
Yeah, the only reason I stopped playing this guy at 80 was because I thought I would be stuck with tank heals. This was before patch 4.0 changes, and I would love to hear some feedback from people about whether we can raid heal or not.
thanks everyone

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