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Can it still be dropped?

EDIT: Do you have to play Magister's Terrace in Heroic in order to get the drop?
Im not aware of any changes to herioc MGT, so yes? Dont be shocked if its not dropping for you, its a decently low drop rate.
I got mine after 7 days of farming.

My favorite mount, will be my ground mount of choice forever.
Yes, the SWHS still drops. I saw someone got it today on my realm, from the date on their FoS.
Yup, it's still obtainable.
Thanks for the replies, everyone
Yup dropped my friends 1st run.

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I started to try and solo it the other day to try for it.....didnt go so well (oh volley how I miss thee sometimes) so for now still riding around on my silvermoon hawkstrider from argent
Good luck on the drop! Got mine on the 14th of this month. Was running with Resto Shaman friend so that we could farm it together. First run in our farming session it dropped and he won. Several days later I was able to obtain it. It's definitely a fun mount to have.

Was it 3% back in the day as well? Just wondering if our luck this time around was better or if they upped it.
Heroic MGT for the Mount, normal for the pet I recall.

It locks after one day similar to the Raven Lord.

Kael'thas or bust. Make your move.

I already got it and I must say it's more appropriate for the Alliance than the Horde.

Though I still remember the days when it first came out. "OH MY GOD TAUREN CAN RIDE IT, F#$% YEAH! *Kills bird by sitting on it*"
yes and yes
Actually, if I recall right pet drops in normal or heroic. But been a while since I farmed and got the Phoenix.
Dropped for me yesterday. Heroic mode only for the mount.

Pet drops in both normal and heroic.

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