[A] VAM 2/13 Heroic LF Tank!

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Hahahahhahaha. It's amazing.
05/25/2012 11:17 AMPosted by Kuruptedthug
Currently Looking for a mage as high priority especially for MOP!

Mage's Carry all =)
Bump for Sonnen getting owned. !@#$ you, Sonnen.
just like to say, im the mage that filled this spot....so yeah no need for one anymore, altho keep applying always on the lookout for good players

HAI FRIENDS!! missing me much
Bump for 4/6 in a night. More to come. :D
In need of healers.
I'm assuming that since the first page hasn't been updated you haven't found all you're hoping to find. I'm currently 470 enhance/488 resto. I'm appart of a raid team that is only 5/16 and this is incredibly painful for me. I loved when I finally got to hardmodes in DS before nerfs. I loved progression and I loved being appart of a team that took time to look at why failures happened, and discussed measures in fixing the faults.

I can't manage to pug more bosses than the guild gets generally. My experience is 6/6 MV reg ( experienced in all, but havn't been able to get an elegon kill yet.) and 4/6 HoF reg ( Only ever downed the first boss, but I have been brought in on the second, third and sixth.) I know i'm good enough to be at least 12/16 by now at the very least. But due to my availability going into the xpac and work and such I could not find a group.

I will mail the poster and one ofthe other names listed about my post here.
Thank you for your time.
bump for a !@#$ing finally sha kill
bump for heroic feng!
Bump for the good people! :)
bump heroic gar'jal!
heroic elegon down!

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