[A] VAM 2/13 Heroic LF Tank!

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WTB that achievement!!!!!
KT's a Scrub :P
The Shodz is here... lol

Bumping coz i can.

Who loves my avatar pic...... so hawt rite now!
Just a bump for good measure :)

wait what?
wtb more huntards
Level up your hunter alt KT =Þ
Billy Ray Cyrus needs a haircut.
bump for a couple more kills atramedes and maloriak!
"Don't fight here! You'll ruin the flowers!"

i hear that blind dragon died on 25 man.

Awesome pun!
I saw that blind dragon.....

Dead !
White men cant jump, except for me =D
Throne of the 4 winds 10 cleared!
It was a *@** of a fight, i'll give ya that, but atleast i got a sexy new weapon out of it :)
whats that doing down there?!?!

bump it up!!

Recruiting more experienced Shad priests, Resto and boomy druids at this point, but as always, any exceptional players will always be considered.

IInet has messed around with out raiding the in past week due to their maintenance, so we shall see more progression very soon!

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