[A] VAM 2/13 Heroic LF Tank!

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Council down ten man....

Chogall tonight, i better see him laying on the floor =D
Chimmy down ten man.

Bumpin n Grindin babes.
nice another one down!! grats!

For the Hero of Shattrath! (apparently)
Recruitment for more classes has just opened up.

Currently recruiting:

-Fury Warrior

-Holy Paladin

-Holy Priest
-Shadow Priest

-Elemental Shaman
-Enhancement Shaman

-Balance Druid
-Feral Druid
-Restoration Druid

-Rogues (all specs)

-Mages (all specs)

If you are interested in joining, please go to:


and place an application.

See you in-game!!
Bumpn for all things good.

If your looking for a solid guild, come hit us up.
Bumping in 9:45am in the morning.

why am I awake :<
Bump for some new recruits.

Come get on the bandwagon with us guys =D
Bump ya all.
Chimaeron down in 25 man!!!!!
Jammin this Fred.
cho'gall 10 down!
To the top with you!!!
I like Shodz's helm even though it makes him look like a bird.

You may call me.... Bird Man!

Your secret crush on me is out now......
bumpity bump bump bump bump

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