Cataclysm Outdoor Bosses

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
I've been looking for a list of the bosses Blizzard plans to release outside of instances but I can't seem to find one, is Blizzard just keeping them secret so that people find them in the world themselves?

I just recently saw a video for Julak-Doom, but that's it, does anyone have a list of bosses that have been discovered so far?
I just don't think that they're big enough news to get their own official list.

I know that Garr is one, also.
Its nice for a game to have some secrets, or why explore and adventure the game?

Would be cool if random content of that sort was added in frequently, but most people in this game are just loot addicts and that's all they worry about.

Just hope we see more of these as well.

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