All (Soon to Be) Orc Mages Unite!

This is a thread for those looking forward to Tuesday to finally have the chance to have the race/class combination they have been waiting for all these years..Orc Mage!

*tear* FINALLY!
I may be confused with my dates, but I believe you won't be able to make the change to Orc Mage until the expansion comes out.

I could have sworn the new race/class combinations were going into effect on Tuesday...why would Blizz wait till expansion release for that? The new zones will be up by then...
Male Orc with T11 will look good.
Like mentioned above I won't be changing, undead casting animations are awesome plus racials are decent enough. Orcs seem to beefy for mage in my mind anyways.
What's in Patch 4.0.3a:

What is in:
•Portals in Dalaran/Shattrath Removed
•Class trainers in Dalaran where portals once were
•New race-class combinations (excluding worgen/goblin)
•New Gnome/Troll starting areas
•Changes to existing zones
•New cata load screens
•New cata intro cinematic
•New cata login screen
•New music
•City Quartermasters, with rep tabards
•Bug fixes
•Class balancing
•Druids, paladins, priests, and shaman will have their talent trees reset
•Experience required to gain levels 71 through 80 is being reduced by 20%
•New tamable hunter pets (Monkey, fox, dog, and beetle, as well as new skins for existing pet classes.)

For the full thread refer here:
I think part of the appeal of an orc mage is he's so beefy.

You need a bizarre sense of humor... kinda like the guys that rolled female gnomish death knights. Still looking forward to undead paladins and tauren rogues. NINJACOW FTW!
You'll be able to reroll Orc come 4.0.3a, but not transfer an existing mage into Orc until December 7.
Yup. I decided to make an orc mage as soon as I heard I'd be able to.
I shall be changing in my immortality and blue skin for the copious amounts of awesome associated with being an orc.
Orcs in Dresses? lol
You do know orcs can be warlocks, right?
Orcs in Dresses? lol

Thrall wears a dress in Cata. If you go to Nagrand right now, there's a little event where the Shamans refuse to teach him how to save Azeroth if he doesn't change his name and wear a dress.
I will /wave to all my new Orc mage friends after the patch...right before they decide to kill me.

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