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Dear Blizzard,
Please, Please, Please Please Please fix the IF invasion so the Elemental Rifts actually spawn. I'm really tired of camping random spots where there have been rift reports, just to be greeted by nothing. It's now 2:20 AM... I'm done camping... I just want that Feat...

QQ out
You realise you can get the feat anywhere in the world... right?

You don't have to wait around for the major city events ;)

As Nobully has mentioned. The Achievement was originally done by going out in azeroth do hunt down these rifts. If your having problems with the rifts in the city then I would recommend the rifts outside the cities.

The IF issues has been acknowledged and hopefully will see a change soon.
Wowhead has (or at least had) a comprehensive list of spawn points for Northrend in the first comment for the 'Tripping the Rifts' achievement page. That was the list I used when I had to run around Northrend.

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