Wyrmrest Accord
Yeah, I'm good.
I'm a well dressed man, with a well dressed plan...
... you guys are SO full of yourselves.

And I'm Batman.


Er. Wait, I'll come in again.
"My father gave me these eyebrows to fight crime."
I look like a nudist.

I'm not. I'm wearing my Antiseptic-Soaked Bandages as a result of wounds attained in the Invasions.
Gnome nudists was the last thing I expected to see in this thread.

Sadly, now that I think about it, maybe it should have been the -first- thing I expected.
No avatar ever does orc shoulders justice.
T10 was a good set. <3
I seem to like how my character looks through this avatar setup.
"My father gave me these eyebrows to fight crime."

Thank you, my monitor is now covered with half-chewed food.
At least we're not all wearing magic race/class masks anymore.
I am happy. My armor looks awesome and I still look like I have been brained by something heavy and anvil-shaped.
Can't complain. Looks just as it does in Stuf frames in-game.
Grrrr. Arrg. Grawwr.
I think I've learned to accept that I'll always forget to log out in RP gear.
I am clearly drop, dead sexy
ACK. Shows my boar tails.

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