please make the main two mouse buttons

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Please make the main two mouse buttons interchangeable. I'm left handed(mouse in left hand) and it would feel more natural if it was switched around. One is camera look the other is character look and i cant currently find away to change this in options please consider having a check box or something to let the players decide.
ask in the ui. forums. someone there should be able to tell you how to reverse it.

or check your os settings. pretty sure its possible to switch left and right click at the OS level
Doesn't the invert Mouse option in the user interface do this?
na it does something diffrent
I just checked to see if you can use the ingame key binding to do this, and I don't think you can. I have a gaming mouse which will let me do this with it's out of game key binding, and it does work in game. But I have to re-apply them before logging into the game each and every time.
yea you cant change the 2 default mouse buttons currently

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