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INpure was created in September 2010, since being created we have put together a solid core of raiders. We are 11/12HM in ICC, and are raiding up to and through the expansion. We hope to push progression along with the other top guilds on the server.

Our raid times..8:30-11:30 Tue-Thur.

We are in need of a great Pally tank. If you can't do more than just tank, then don't apply. We need raiders that can do their role, and then some, on every fight. This will be the last spot filled on our first 10 man team. We do not recruit for a bench, this will be an active raid position.

We are also looking to recruit another raid leader to start recruiting for our 2nd raid team. If you have raid leading experience and would like to take up this challenge please contact me.

All postions can be applied for at www.INpure.guildlaunch.com


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